Links to Other Sites of Interest

The National Labor Party - Full-text articles from the Labor Party Press, the latest working paper on important topics, and links to other labor sites.

Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute - DJDI is the non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and cultural arm of the Labor Party. DJDI's mission is to assist in the establishment of a society in which equality of opportunity and citizenship is assured, through providing education using the fullest range of methods, curricula and delivery systems.

KC Labor Advocate Online  - "True to our name we aim to champion the interests of the working class. We are pro-union, and support other labor movement organizations such as the Labor Party and US Labor Against the War."

Single-Payer Action Network Ohio (SPAN Ohio) - SPAN Ohio is a growing network of individuals and organizations in Ohio which seeks fundamental health care reform in the state and nation so that every resident is guaranteed full and comprehensive coverage. Full text of Ohio Care Resolution is available at this site.

Physicians for a National Health Program - VERY informative, comprehensive site for those interested in the history and current status of the struggle for a national health plan.

Campaign for America's Future -  Founded by over 100 prominent Americans--citizen activists and policy experts concerned about our country and our planet--who have joined together to challenge the big money corporate agenda by encouraging Americans to speak up--to discuss and debate a new vision of an economy and a future that works for all of us. Loaded with stimulating articles and useful facts.

American Medical Students Association (AMSA) - AMSA is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the U.S. The association concentrates its energies on the problems of the medically underserved, inequities in our health care system and related issues in medical education. This site provides valuable information and links to sites of most states engaged in the struggle for single-payer legislation.

Program on Corporations, Law And Democracy (POCLAD) - Questioning minds seek to discover how corporations have become "persons," how that has affected democracy in America, and what can be done about it.

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch - An excellent source of information on FTAA, the secret global trade agreement that threatens jobs, the environment and basic human rights worldwide.

CitizenWorks - A website for citizens seeking to empower themselves and their communities.

Corpwatch--Holding Corporations Accountable - What you need to know about deregulation and other corporate shenanigans.

The Hightower Report - America's #1 populist expounds on the issues of the day with biting humor.