Our goals are to build Labor Party membership in Ohio and advance the program and principles adopted by the Labor Party.


The Labor Party's program, debated at length and democratically approved by its founding convention in June, 1996, calls for a guaranteed job at a living wage; a single-payer, universal health insurance plan; restoration of workers' rights; an end to corporate abuse of trade; an end to corporate welfare and corporate domination of elections; universal access to quality public education; protection of the environment; an end to bigotry on the job and in society; "NO" to privatization; solidarity with locked-out workers and workers on strike; and other measures designed to provide workers with job security and a decent standard of living.


Solidarity actions in support of striking and locked-out workers, and those trying to get a contract

Labor Party campaigns for Just Health Care, Free Higher Education, Labor Law Reform, Fair Trade, Guaranteed Jobs at a Living Wage

Publication of a periodic newsletter

Regular membership meetings at which members freely and democratically decide all questions.